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Co-Founder & President

After leaving the Marine Corps in 2007, Dan worked in Transportation until he left the industry in 2019. After several Executive level roles, Dan chose to pursue his own endeavors and liked the idea of partnering with his best friend Steve Larrivee.
Dan Sedlacek is a newcomer to the converting industry as of 2020. In his short time in the industry he has been  learning and networking continuously with Web Tech's partners.  While clearly not as technical as Steve or Jeff, Dan makes up for it with enthusiasm, an eagerness to learn, and his ability to create and edit the company website ;-) You may also see Dan's name on many of the marketing emails telling you about our Principal's amazing products and the different ways they can help you!  And let's be honest, you might also see his name on the end of a few invoices.... 
Located in Omaha, NE, Dan has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Information Systems and an Masters Degree in Business Administration from Bellevue University.

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